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Did the students have enough prewriting time? Day 3 Step 6: Everything is easy to adjust if you want your students to talk about something specific and there are many other worksheets you may want to consider especially if your students are at a lower level.

Tell a manufacturer of weed-killers about specific concerns and questions you have about their product.

Writing a Letter of Inquiry!

Begin this day by sharing the Persuasive Letter Checklist printable with students. Tell a TV executive about the kinds of programs you like and ask why there are not more of these types of programs. Conversational English students will not have much to gain from these types of lessons but for business students they are imperative to their successful communication in English.

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Have students begin writing their own expository paragraphs for letters of inquiry. Thinking Like a Writer worksheet and distribute the student copies to the class. Ask a local or national political figure for his or her position on an issue that matters to you.

Make copies of each letter before doing so. There are many rules of English grammar but with your more advanced business English students focus on ones that they will be likely to encounter during their work related activities.

Post Instructional Evaluation Did the Letter to the Mars Candy Company act as a good model to inspire the students to write their own persuasive business letters? Generate a brief discussion about their opinions.

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If the content is not quite right for your students, feel free to make changes or simply use these as inspirations to create activities of your own. Ask a favorite author to visit your classroom. Put the following examples on display or write them on the whiteboard: Give students time to eat.

Distribute copies to the class. Tell why you would appreciate such a visit.use when you are writing a persuasive letter. You want to introduce yourself and the topic you are writing about to the reader. Remember that the first rule of writing is to know your audience. In a persuasive letter, you state your opinion or your feelings about something that is important to you after you have introduced yourself.

Business Letters

Printable worksheets for writing paragraphs, letters, addresses, and more. Also includes self and peer editing checklists. Jun 08,  · Well, young whipper-snapper, writing letters is a very important skill to have, and this worksheet will show you how.

Practice your handwriting, and follow the step-by-step process. Send your letter in the mail to put a smile on grandma's face.4/5(10). Use this 'Worksheet: Formatting a Business Letter (upper elem/middle)' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home.

Your students will love this 'Worksheet: Formatting a Business Letter (upper elem/middle)'. Business Letters Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Business Letters. Some of the worksheets displayed are Writing a business letter v2, 45 business letters work, Writing a business letter v2, Lesson plan business letters, Welcome to monthly newsletter, Business letter work block format, Writing fitness practical exercises for better.

A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable, printable worksheets, practice exercises and activities to teach about business letter.

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Write a business letter worksheet
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