Unix maintenance and troubleshooting

This selection will list the tasks supported by these procedures. You can also change the hostname and domain name on the certificate by using the -h and -d switches, as in the following example: Needing or wanting to know when something was last accessed comes up all the time, but just a few examples might give you some ideas: The "sar" program available for Linux, too will let you figure out which pretty quickly.

On a similar note, do you have the current recommended patches and updates?

Unix Troubleshooting Tips

To see the current settings or values for machines that support the coreadm command, issue: There are tools, such as size and ps that will allow an experienced administrator to narrow down the precise shared memory size requirements, considering all of the software in use.

The number of agents a server runs, and other installed software can also be a factor, and the required value may vary slightly from release to release. Download them all from ftp: After an agent is deployed, the Run As accounts are used to perform discoveries running using the applicable discovery rules, and then start monitoring.

Speak in a soothing, kind voice to the computer. Cross Platform Modules Event Category: Sometimes it helps to know just what equipment is in the machine. The Security Mode pane opens on the right. Removing unnecessary hardware, making the network smaller, etc.


These may or may not work--the way the backspace and delete keys are mapped to their functions are not always done correctly. Things you need to be in single-user mode for The first thing you will want to do is run fsck. Fri Aug 18 Some of this advice may seem odd or humorous, but it all has the point of conveying some kinds of coping mechanisms that go beyond just knowing the syntax of the commands.

To Change the Name on the Certificate: The Backspace key allows keying errors to be corrected. How to Install and Activate the Debuggable Version of the Server In core dump crash situations, the stack information may or may not provide enough information for a problem to be resolved.

This error can be caused by an SSH connection failure to the remote system. Debuggables for UNIX environments are not normally shipped on the original CD media, but can be made available on CD by special request to Customer Support Services and requires a lead time of approximately one week.

These can be implemented very efficiently using Unix and shell programming and software like C. A window that shows a Unix command prompt where you can type in commands this would be the telnet client; in an X Window System environment, it would be an xterm A Web browser showing task information about what you are supposed to this would be the assignment description Another Web browser that shows reference information Perhaps another Web browser that shows more or alternate reference information Keep all of these windows up while working until you get your task done.

If you want to exit single user mode and boot into multi user mode then you need to run the To exit single-user mode and boot into multiuser in RunLevel 2 use: If you have "trace" Linux "strace", Mac OS X "ktrace" and "kdump"knowing what files a program tries to read and write can be very useful.

Customer Support Services will provide you with additional instructions as your situation requires. This is more for you than for the computer. If the information is incomplete, increase the value.

Troubleshooting for UNIX

Single user mode does NOT mean that just one person is logged in. Once a task is selected, a resource menu may be presented showing all resources supported by the task. However, the problem may be less obvious: There are usually many ways to accomplish a task.

That gives you information about your CPU. If you need to know what files a process is using, the "lsof" command standard with Linux, available from Skunkware for SCO can help. For each of the following custom action types, you specify how the command arguments are invoked by using either the ExecuteCommand parameter or the ExecuteShellCommand parameter: To use Unix effectively, you need to not just know the syntax and features of the operating system, but you must develop an attitude of coping with problems and understanding a bit of the worldview that might help you use Unix better.

Panic will cloud your ability to think through the problem and to come up with solutions. Sometimes this is all it takes to fix your problem.

Things you can check while still multi-user Log files.Troubleshooting during the build and install on Unix A number of errors can occur during the build and installation process. Some hints on solving these are provided here. Intro to Unix Unix Troubleshooting Tips The purpose of this page is to give you some ideas to cope with a variety of problems that will occur when using Unix.

Troubleshooting monitoring of UNIX and Linux computers

To use Unix effectively, you need to not just know the syntax and features of the operating system, but you must develop an attitude of coping with problems and understanding a bit of the worldview that might help you use Unix better.

This article provides basic troubleshooting guidance for discovery and monitoring of the UNIX/Linux OS. C ore dumps are often used to diagnose or debug errors in Linux or UNIX programs.

Core dumps can serve as useful debugging aids for sys admins to find out why Application like Lighttpd, Apache, PHP-CGI or any other program crashed.

Sys admin, Troubleshooting, UNIX, Windows server. Today, I’ve upgraded total 8 servers from 4GiB to 8GiB to. You may have stumbled across it searching for "troubleshooting guide" or "troubleshooting tips" for some specific problem; this is a general guide for Linux and Unix troubleshooting.

Sometimes computer problems can feel like Charles Dickens' dying woman- you know something is wrong, but you have no idea where or how to start looking for it. Installation > Installation for UNIX > Troubleshooting for UNIX.

Troubleshooting for UNIX. How to: Install and Activate the Debuggable Version of the Server; Many UNIX environments intentionally limit the ability to read core files in setuid applications (the mode in which Security Provider OPSYS runs) for security reasons.

Unix maintenance and troubleshooting
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