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Sorry OU but I think you got this one wrong. September DD was a completely different course to those which run Tma03 part analysis conventional essay style assignments.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone interested in how social policy affects lives and how lives have been able to influence policy in our modern society.

Having no exam at the end was a bonus however the large examinable essay at the end was a challenge but it is simple if you read the material and put Tma03 part analysis the work you will be fine. The research project was very interesting and rewarding.

As long as you set aside time each week to read and work through the activities and plan your TMA it is very manageable. However with some time to reflect, I can say that in general I did find this course overall enjoyable but very hard work. I had a very good tutor too and that is a Godsend.

I certainly learned a lot and have become more academically aware. October Review posted: The variety of study material requires quite of lot of organisation, but for me this is was made it interesting.

July I really enjoyed this course the TMAs came along very rapidly so I would suggest you keep on top of study plans and your time table. Really pleased; love the OU!

DD requires some personal information and anyone who would find this difficult would not enjoy this part of the course. I hope you enjoy it as much I did.

You cannot escape the interractivity! August I really enjoyed this Social Policy module which was very hard-work but stimulating and challenging. This was my fourth year with the OU and my first Level 3. April This was my first attempt at Level 3 study and I can honestly say it was a very rewarding experience.

The TMAs were different from other courses and some involved a lot of preparation, so being organised and not falling behind is essential. I would recommend this course it met all my expectations.

January This was my 7th course with the OU and was beyond doubt the least enjoyable. It was particularly interesting to write a report and write a narrative, looking critically about how my own person is affected by policy, and how in turn I affect it.

The one warning I would give about this course is that the end-of-module word assignment EMA requires a lot of time and work if you want to achieve a good grade. Writing a report, as well as planning, undertaking and analysing interviews conducted by myself was invaluable.

I had little previous experience of studying social policy - the equivalent of a credit, Level one course at a brick uni - but the high quality of the reading materials allowed me to find this course both manageable and interesting.

Good Luck Course starting: Thanks OU for putting together such an thought provoking and interesting course. August Fascinating course that really took me out of my comfort zone and made me think.

For me, the best aspect of the course was getting the opportunity to produce my own research project. The best bit for me was the interractivity of the module. December Coming back to study after a 10 year gap, I found this course extremely challenging.

It seems many students from this year start have dropped one or more grades on this course due to the EMA, demonstrating it requires a lot of thought and work. Overall, the last 6 years with the OU has been fantastic and I have learnt so much. It also required you to reflect on your own personal experiences.

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It was this that made the whole experience rewarding. The course materials are excellent at guiding you through this exercise. For anyone who is interested in taking this course, I would strongly suggest that you think carefully about the unconventional nature of TMAs.

Saying that though I did enjoy the interviews and research part and also the ECA at the end and passed the course. Mark Anthony Smith Course starting:Student's and tutors' comments on Personal lives and social policy DD GMAT Problem Solving Practice Test This test has 10 problem solving questions, to be completed in 12 minutes.

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Tma03 part analysis
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