The football factory

Tommy Johnson is arguably the main character in the novel but is absent from many chapters. Frank Harper — Billy Bright is a man around forty, part of the older generation of the Firm.

Zebedee is killed by a drug dealer whom he had previously mugged, fulfilling a recurring bad dream that tormented Tommy throughout the film.

Though the film shares a title with the first novel in the trilogy, the film deviates significantly from the source material. With nothing to lose and no one to look out for him, Zebedee aspires to be a future top boy; unfortunately his naivety gets him into trouble.

Rod begins a relationship with Tamara Sophie Linfieldthe court clerk at their arraignment, and she pressures him to skip his weekend meets. At the end of the film, Tommy decides that his place is at the firm with his friends, Bill moves to Australia and Billy Bright is incarcerated for seven years after being arrested at the Millwall meet whilst saving Harris from being arrested.

Tamer Hassan — Millwall Fred, the volatile head of the rival Millwall hooligan firm, an arch enemy of Chelsea.

Additionally, the film omits some characters and plot lines entirely only those plot lines actually appearing in the first novel are discussed below. The film culminates in a pitched battle between the Chelsea and Millwall firms.

A recurring sub-plot concerns a racist taxi driver Jamie Foremanwhom the characters encounter at various points throughout the film.

Early in the film, Tommy is caught and held hostage by the brother of Shian Michele Hallaka girl he picked up at a club.

Roland Manookian — Zebedee, younger breed coming through the ranks of Chelsea, his life has already run into a cul-de-sac of crime and drugs. In the film he is undeniably the main character and the few scenes that he does not appear in or narrate all involve characters he is close with e.

Tommy has an epiphany about his lifestyle during a fight with the Tottenham hooligan firm. This incident is never discussed in the film because Rod is portrayed as single though a subplot involves him potentially settling down. Tommy, Billy and Rod are arrested for assaulting two Stoke City fans whilst travelling to an away match.

Tommy is severely beaten by Fred and a group of Millwall hooligans, and ends up in the hospital with Bill, who, in the meantime, has suffered a heart attack. By contrast, in the film he is married with children, has no physical deformity of his arm, is xenophobic but not explicitly racist, and is portrayed in a flashback as a young boy chasing recent immigrants out of his neighborhood with his father.

John Junkin — Albert Moss. Billy Bright, the second-in-command of his firm or Rod, his "best mate". The thrill of the big derby between Millwall and Chelsea leaves his life and head scrambled as he tries to pull himself out of his nightmare.May 14,  · The Football Factory is more than just a study of the English obsession with football violence; it's about men looking for /10(K).

Testosterone and football combine to paint a violent portrait of middle-class England in director Nick Love's adrenaline-charged adaptation of John King's popular novel. Tommy is 43%.

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The football factory
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