The essential qualityies of a good

Being an interested listener shows him that his feelings and opinions are appreciated and valued. Trustworthiness is comprised of several components, including honesty, dependability, and loyalty, and while each is important to successful relationships, honesty and dependability have been identified as the most vital in the realm of friendships.

Generally, very few people know what they want, much less how to get there, so they will gravitate towards those who appear to have a clear picture in mind--good clarity leads to great achievement.

I am supportive of others in their bad times. Always treat your child with kindness and respect, giving praise and encouragement when you have the opportunity, advises Dr.

It is these same qualities that employees look up to, respect, and work very hard for. Being supportive of others in their bad times is a defining quality of a good friend, but being supportive of others in their good times is also essential.

The role of a good parent is also to protect their child from developing psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety and anti-social behavior, which increases the risk of substance abuse.

Children often handle stress by mirroring how their parents manage emotions during stressful situations. Children learn through observation and often mimic the behavior of their parents. Negotiate with your child, presenting clear choices whenever possible.

They might try to resolve conflicts by fighting and arguing, just like their parents do. This gives others the opportunity to digest their goals and decide whether or not they will support their cause.

Great leaders admit when they are wrong and take criticism as an opportunity for growth. Follow this link to an online survey: Good listening skills are essential to allow the communicating of intimate thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

I am honest with others. If parents are unable to cope with stress, it also causes their kids to feel anxious and less secure.

What Are the Essential Characteristics of a Good Parent?

Clarity They are clear and concise at all times-- there is no question of their vision and what needs to be accomplished. I am supportive of others in their good times. Teacher A large part of your job as parent is to teach your child what he needs to become a productive and responsible adult.

A strong-willed, take-charge and independent child, however, requires more discipline.

People who have the ability to see the humor in life help us deal with the curveballs or spitballs life tosses at us. I am a good listener. When we are in the company of self-confident individuals, we typically feel our own confidence rise. I am easily able to trust others.

And some of us long for closer friendships or try to figure out why an existing or promising relationship fizzled out.

The 13 Essential Friendship Traits How much you agree with each statement? Traits of Congeniality This group, representing by the final three traits listed above, includes self- confidencethe ability to see the humor in life, and being fun to be around.

If you find you lack a few of these characteristics, you can acquire them in the process of rearing your child. I experience and express empathy for others.

You can demonstrate unconditional love by addressing the behavior and not the character of the child when applying correction, advises KidsHealth. This is why it is so important for every leader to work hard to gain the qualities of great leadership.

Your child will respond best to lessons that are creative, fun and impart a sense of adventure and discovery, according to Dr.

Your child learns by watching you, so be aware of what you project. The job is easier if you have cultivated the right characteristics before your first child arrives on the scene.

I am usually able to see the humor in life. I am fun to be around. They constantly affirm their love and affection, both verbally and through their behavior. Take an honest look at your own behaviors and see if you need to raise your "friendship quotient" to raise the likelihood of maintaining the close connections you desire.

Positive Role Model Being a positive role model for appropriate behavior is more effective than specific disciplinary measures or training in raising your children, according to a article at PsychologyToday.

Lisa Marotta, a private practice psychologist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The former enjoy life, handle challenges in proactive ways, and keep negative experiences in perspective.

Active Participant Parents need to be active participants in the life of their child. If you know what behaviors are mistakes or age-appropriate exploration, you can make allowances for those behaviors in ways that encourage your child to grow and learn.What Are the Essential Characteristics of a Good Parent?

By Kathryn Rateliff Barr ; Updated September 26, Your child should know that she is a priority in your life. What, in your opinion, are the essential qualities of a good story? The most important quality of a good story is the ability to take readers somewhere else and make them glad they went.

It’s also essential to make the writing easy to read, which means the writing must be grammatically correct. Educational studies suggest that the essential qualities of good teachers include the ability to be self-aware of one's biases; to perceive, understand and accept differences in others; to analyze and diagnose student understanding and adapt as required; to negotiate and take risks in their teaching; and to have a strong conceptual understanding of their.

The essential qualities of a good educator are he/she must be willing to listen, update himself regularly, willing to learn, open minded, very hard working, good professional and a good human. Being a good listener is an essential characteristic of a good parent.

Photo Credit: Digital Vision/Digital Vision/Getty Images Being a successful parent helps develop qualities in children such as honesty, empathy, self-control, self-reliance, cooperation, cheerfulness and kindness, and instills in them the motivation to achieve, according to author and .

The essential qualityies of a good
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