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More essays like this: They normally do not live more than five years, as they suffer from paralysis and muscle atrophy. It is normally manifested by a defined population, where patients acquire their disease through genetic inheritance.

A Genetic Disorder: Tay-Sachs Disease Essay Sample

Juvenile patients manifest the disorder from two to ten years of age, and undergo a relatively slower process of deterioration. The cell does not possess the ability to degrade these enzymes, and therefore accumulate the latter instead.

This disorder is classified according to the age it afflicts a patient, including classic infantile, juvenile, and adult form. Then after one year, they also suffer from physical complications including dysphagia, Tay sachs essay and lung failure Hauser Adult form of this disease is found to have milder effects among patients, which is primarily the reason for the longer survival of individuals.

Some of the other typical manifestations of Tay-Sachs are infantile blindness and deafness. They encounter motor deterioration, resulting in failure of developing their motor abilities. This disease is commonly the result of the passing of this chromosomal defect from parent to offspring.

These granular bodies are typically detected through microscopic examinations of neuronal bodies, furthermore reinforcing the presence of the disorder.

Heterozygous offspring only carry one allele, therefore are only considered carriers of the disorder. Tay-Sachs can be manifested by different ages, as it affects patients are young as three months and as old as 15 years.

Both of these examinations determine the presence of the disease before an infant is born. Their results reveal tremendous possibilities that humans can combat this disease through prevention and even treatment.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. They are not afflicted and will continue to function normally.

But babies inflicted with a rare genetic disorder called Tay-Sachs disease experience motor dysfunction due to the continuous degradation of their central nervous system. However these carrier individuals possess the ability to pass the genes to their children Branda et al.

Children become unresponsive to their environment, as they lose visual focus and eye contact. Manifestations of Tay-Sachs disease among afflicted individuals have varying degree of severity. Babies have delayed motor development, demonstrated by their poor management of head control, inability to crawl, sit, and recognize visual cues.

Tay-Sachs Disease Essay Sample Most infants born with normally developed motor functions have the ability to synthesize specific enzymes necessary for a healthy growth process. The mentioned adults are frequently observed to suffer from psychosis and neural dysfunctions Genes and Disease Other common symptoms include hyperacusis, seizure, and macrocephaly Kasper et al This is done by inserting a needle into the abdominal portion of the mother in order to collect samples of amniotic fluid.

Newborns afflicted with the disorder often undergo normal development during three to six months of age, after which they continuously suffer from mental retardation.

Dysarthria, dysphagia, and ataxia are common symptoms among juvenile patients. Van de Graaff, K.

Although patients plagued with Tay-Sachs disease still do not have chances to lead a normal life, there are promising research studies that scientists are conducting.Tay-Sachs Disease Melissa Baldwin Western Governors Tay - Sachs Disease Tay-Sachs disease is a genetic disorder in which, an auto-recessive gene is passed down to the child by both parents.

It progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. - Tay-Sachs Abstract Tay-Sachs is Tay sachs essay disease caused by a mutation to the gene which codes for Hex A.

Without Hex A, a cell cannot degrade GM2 ganglioside into GM3 ganglioside. This results in a build up of ganglioside’s in lysosomes of neurons.

Tay-Sachs disease is an autosomal, recessive disorder caused by a deficiency in B-hexosaminidase A. Being an autosomal recessive disease, Tay-Sachs can only be passed on in its fatal form if both parents are heterozygous for the disease.3/5(3).

Genetics and Tay-sachs Essay. TAY-SACHS DISEASE 1 Today’s nursing care and knowledge base is light years away from where it all began.

Nursing has developed along with the healthcare system as a whole to now be on the brink of. There is no available effective cure for Tay-Sachs patients. Scientists are currently under the process of determining which of the proposed procedures, such as stem cells and enzyme replacement therapy, is the most appropriate form of treatment (Escolar et al., 2; Bembi ; Tay-Sachs disease no page).

Tay-sachs Disease Essay. Tay-sachs Disease Tay-sachs disease is perhaps a very dramatic disease because it strikes most keenly at small children and babies. The disease is very rare and fatal. Tay-sachs is a genetic disorder in which harmful amounts of fatty lipids, known as ganglioside GM2, is built up in the nerve cells in the brain.

Tay sachs essay
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