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California Project Lean-Food on the Run--Program promotes healthful food choices, physical activity for high school students and families. When Joy runs late, Patricia urges her on. She is everything to her.

Fourth grade, Kendall Sanchez, Valley Oak Elementary | The Fresno Bee

The problems--and the solutions--are rooted in the family, experts say. Joy Verdugo and her daughter drive to the two-hour classes every week, miles round-trip from Palmdale to Westwood. Jackson Awbrey, 10, Reedley School: Venecia and Richard Urbano Achievements: Thomas and Jodi Morgan Achievements: Order Reprint of this Story June 04, Instead, Kendall decided to become an inspiration for others around her, and used her accident as a platform for other burn victims throughout the community and nation.

No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. Crystal and Bryan Awbrey Achievements: Facing a bullying experience last year, Joshua has persevered as an inspiration to others, competing on a national level as a decorated martial artist seven-time WEKAF World Champion and seven-time WEKAF USA National gold medalistwhere he also volunteers with Possibilities Unlimited International by assisting disabled martial artists as they compete in international competitions.

One of the eight-week Saturday morning sessions for parents and children, for example, is devoted to portion sizes. Elise has performed in a talent show for the last two years and plays soccer for the Cen Cal Cosmos.

Childhood Obesity: a Lurking Health Risk

Her fourth-grade teacher, Raylene Moazamipour, described Kendall as her own personal angel in the classroom. Emily plays for the Tennis Association of California and has won first place in two tournaments.

Moazamipour, who has been teaching for 18 years and will be retiring in the fall, said she has learned to build a relationship with the students around her.

Second grade: Angelika Magaña, Temperance-Kutner Elementary School | The Fresno Bee

She said she knew from the beginning that Kendall was special. This is the ideal time [in their lives], before bad habits are formed. She packs a positive attitude and steps up to help others who are in need, academically and socially. She sees such waif-like models as the flip side of the obesity problem, the opposite--and equally undesirable--extreme.

First two years introduce physical activities and wellness instruction; last two offer electives, from competitive sports to snorkeling. Makenna is a storyteller, peer mentor and a champion of the human voice, according to her teacher, Kary Garcia, and is remarkable for her young age.We believe in the Sparthenian concept that focuses on the in- diversity and meets once a month, providing a forum for school personnel and interested parents to meet and discuss items related to the effectiveness of the school’s operation.

Parents are encouraged to. Achievements: sustained mastery, Sparthenian of the Quarter; First Quarter Perfect Attendance; Character of the Month: Caring Honorable mention EMILY LINDA MORGAN, 8, Fresno. Jun 12,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

Watch Queue Queue. Besides maintaining a GPA, Kendall volunteers her time twice a week as a library monitor and is a member of Valley Oak Elementary student council.

“She’s always getting involved in. PTC Meetings Voice your opinion, get the latest news, meet other Red Bank parents, learn more about your school community.

General PTC Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of every month at PM.

Important School Dates Month of May. 05/09 School Nurse’s Day. 05/11 Marlin Mingle & Band/Orchestra/Choir Spring Concert. 05/29 4th Qtr. S.W.I.M. Event. 05/30 Sparthenian Author Assembly (students only) 05/30 Frenzy Swim Party.


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Sparthenian of the month
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