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Precisely because it is the authority of Christ. Anthony Cekada has written an informative booklet, Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope, which deals with these issues. But I turn to a subject more fitting to myself and remind you as a brother in Christ always to be very careful about what you say to the people in matters of teaching and of your thought on the faith.

For if he should reject words suitable to him as man, who was it that forced him to become a man like us? For scripture does not say that the Word united the person of a man to Second vatican council, but that he became flesh. In the same way if any should be discovered, whether bishops, clergy or laity, thinking or teaching the views expressed in his statement by the priest Charisius about the incarnation of the only-begotten Son of God or the disgusting, perverted views of Nestorius, which underlie them, these should be subject to the condemnation of this holy and ecumenical synod.

If we find that the teachings of Vatican II are not in conformity with the teaching of the Catholic Faith, we are bound to reject Vatican II, and bound to conclude that those who promulgate it do not have the authority of Christ.

Thus there is rendered toilsome and slow the effort for the unification of spirits and constructive energies which tend to an order corresponding to the requirements of the religious, civic and social life of the city. Definition against the impious Messalians or Euchites The most pious and religious bishops Valerian and Amphilochius came together to us and made a joint enquiry about the so called Messalians or Euchites or Enthusiasts, or whatever name this appalling heresy goes under, who dwell in the region of Pamphylia.

For although visible as a child and in swaddling cloths, even while he was in the bosom of the virgin that bore him, as God he filled the whole of creation and was fellow ruler with him who begot him. So we shall confess one Christ and one Lord. The holy synod declared: But we do not say that the Spirit is wise and powerful through some sharing with another, for he is all perfect and in need of no good thing.

So he who existed and was begotten of the Father before all ages is also said to have been begotten according to the flesh of a woman, without the divine nature either beginning to exist in the holy virgin, or needing of itself a second begetting after that from his Father.

Ignorance, contempt, and disownment of truth are the cause and the root of all evil, which disturbs individuals and populations. Heretics and apostates at least public ones are therefore excluded.

If anyone does not confess that the flesh of the Lord is life-giving and belongs to the Word from God the Father, but maintains that it belongs to another besides him, united with him in dignity or as enjoying a mere divine indwelling, and is not rather life-giving, as we said, since it became the flesh belonging to the Word who has power to bring all things to life, let him be anathema.

None of the reverent bishops is to take possession of another province which has not been under his authority from the first or under that of his predecessors. The address was delivered to 17 Cardinals in the Basilica of St.

What a greeting this is: Opening the Council, the Pope on October 11, declared that the main aim of it was to keep and to teach in the most efficient form the sacred consignment of Christian doctrine; and he indicated the lines of this magisterial exercise.

John XXIII exhorts, therefore, to present the truth with diligence and to acquire knowledge which deals with celestial life: We as simple priests cannot, after all, make authoritative judgements, whether legal or doctrinal, which bind the consciences of the faithful.

Appointment to the office of the Primacy [i. For we do not say that the nature of the Word was changed and became flesh, nor that he was turned into a whole man made of body and soul.

He did not cast aside what he was, but although he assumed flesh and blood, he remained what he was, God in nature and truth. Both councils sent legates to the emperor Theodosius, who approved neither and sent the bishops away. Paul-Outside-the-Walls on January 25, Rather did two different natures come together to form a unity, and from both arose one Christ, one Son.

Second Vatican Council

The word "pastoral," in the mind of the Pope, did not restrict itself to something practical, separated from doctrine: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

This included inviting additional lay Catholic and non-Catholic observers, reducing the number of proposed schemata to seventeen which were made more general, in keeping with the pastoral nature of the council and later eliminating the requirement of secrecy surrounding general sessions.

Hence, the fact that the Vatican II popes have done these things is a certain sign that they have do not have the authority of Christ. A pope who falls into public heresy would cease ipso facto to be a member of the Church; therefore, he would also cease to be head of the Church.The Second Council of Constantinople is the fifth of the first seven ecumenical councils recognized by both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic is also recognized by the Old Catholics and others.

Protestant opinions and recognition of it are varied. Some Protestants, such as Calvinists and Lutherans, recognize the first four councils, whereas most Anglo-Catholics. The Doctrinal Errors of the Second Vatican Council By Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI. In order to comprehend sufficiently the doctrinal errors which have emanated from the Second Vatican Council, it is necessary to review the very foundation of our holy religion.

Oct 10,  · Why Is Vatican II So Important? Fifty years ago, Pope John XXIII shocked the world when he created the Second Vatican Council. Known as Vatican II, the council. The Second Vatican Council, also known as Vatican II, which took place from towas one of the most important councils in church history, and it profoundly changed the.

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Second letter of Cyril to Nestorius [Declared by the council of Ephesus to be in agreement with Nicaea] Cyril sends greeting in the Lord to the most religious and reverend fellow-minister Nestorius.

This site explains and promotes the Second Vatican Council, through the writings of Council Fathers who took part in the Council, and by articles from more recent contributors.

Second vatican council
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