Religious and ethnic diversity paper 2 essay

First, exclusivists define themselves and their religion as the one and true path to salvation. I think that they were brought over for slavery and still experience this even now these days from certain types of other races.

Blacks have contributed to American culture though business and through entertainment. Hire Writer I think that their religion is against violence which we definitely could have less of.

This group differs from others because they have gone through so much over the years. This is indeed possible. Without education, though, regarding the diverse religions, we grow no more mentally to a higher conscience or tolerant of things which we do not comprehend.

In these cultures, the perception and myth may vary, but underneath these stories all deal with one thing, a flood. No other work is as worthy of being considered a manifestation of His will. There are numerous cultures which have in their history a version of some paramount deluge which destroyed the world.

While I know some may not be familiar with the philosophical theories concerning religious diversity, I wanted to share my thoughts on it via my essay I turned in for the class. This contradiction can be seen in the following statement of the Rabbi: Because at the very root of this problem is the underlying theme of non-tolerance for diversity?

People may come together to worship a similar deity, because in their perception, these other individuals are like minded. In conclusion, I believe that Hinduism and Black African descent both experience similar discrimination if the fact that they are perceived by first impressions and by the color of their skin.

Blacks have not had such a great experience with other races because of always being mistreated because of their color. Pluralists maintain that all religions carry a certain legitimate claim to authenticity and there are many ways to salvation and liberation.

They are not given the luxury of being spoken with or getting to know them without the preconceived notion of their skin color. They are both groups of people that have done nothing wrong and just want to be a part of the world.

Diversity exists because the ultimate divine is our own personal perception, and thus, we will create our own personal God to whom we worship. They hold a belief that there is only one correct path to liberation and found in only one religion, usually that of their own.

Most of the cases that I read about though were whites still discriminating against black even after all the movements to move past racism. Perhaps this is how one could view the existing problem of religious diversity. Religious Diversity When considering the question of religious diversity, there is a current underlying theme of dissension and contradiction.

Both Hinduism and Blacks contribute to American culture business wise and yet many fail to know that. An Essay on Religious Diversity: Continuum, Most of the entertainment business is African American as well as sports and now we even have a black president.

All of these are prime examples of discrimination that blacks go through in the United States. The racial group that I have chosen was Black of African descent. The sources of this discrimination would be whites or other races that were not black.

This can certainly be seen within one of the readings which were discussed in class. How to cite this page Choose cite format: While one person may attribute their beliefs to that of a pluralist or inclusivist, at the very heart of their soul remains an exclusivist. What I learned about this racial group is that even after all these years they are still faced with discrimination more than other racial groups.

This particular class has been helpful to me as I delve deeper into the history of the people and cultures which shaped the religious practices of ancient and modern peoples.

References — Nine Beliefs of Hinduism. Being able to study world religions in a class setting is a way in which one could gain the knowledge and understanding of others in this world and their perception of the divine. All very good contributions to American culture.

Is there a one and true answer for religious diversity?Religious and Ethnic Diversity Religious and Ethnic Diversity Jehovah’s witnesses have beliefs that are far different than other Christian religions, and.

Religious and Ethnic Diversity Essay. Religious and Ethnic Diversity ETH February 3, Religious and Ethnic Diversity Mormonism is a uniquely American religion, have been founded by Joseph Smith Jr., of New York ("The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints", ).


Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper Kyle S. Leister ETH/ Free Essay: Religious and Ethnic Diversity ETH February 3, Religious and Ethnic Diversity Mormonism is a uniquely American religion, have been.

Essay Religion & Ethnic Diversity; Essay Religion & Ethnic Diversity. Religion/ Ethnic Paper. Religion and Ethnic Discrimination ETH/ The religion of the Latter Day Saints or Mormons differs from other religious groups by being a newer religion.

Religious and Ethnic Diversity Essay. Religious and Ethnic Diversity. Free Essay: Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper Natalie Lewis Eth/ June 08, Jodi Perro Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper The religious group is chose.

Religious and Ethnic Diversity Shyd Barbur ETH/ April 25, Frank Romba Religious and Ethnic Diversity I have chosen to write the religious part of this paper on the Roman Catholic religion.

Religious and Ethnic Diversity Paper Essay

The Roman Catholic religion differs from other religions in many ways. The Church teaches that it is the one true Church divinely founded by Jesus Christ.

Religious and ethnic diversity paper 2 essay
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