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You are sitting in your room without them now and all you are left with is the trace of their presence. This show was a commendable effort by the artists to say the least. The artist is a rarity among her peers, boldly addressing taboo subjects by painting a violet brassiere in her paintings.

She has tried to bridge the gap between the old and the new in an engaging way, making the installed doorways and windows seem like portals to another dimension; most likely the ostentatious past. Thesis shows act as the final rite of passage for artists to begin their own journey.

The sculptor hopes to catch the audience in a sublime experience to showcase not only the perfection of mankind but also the permeable nature where darkness may enter within. The reflections contain electrical lines, modern spaces, traffic, roads and city scapes. The artist paints to confuse the audience into believing it is a clear image but which is not the case at all.

Hidden underneath are the archival memories of a lost era of extravagance. The birth of new artists from the annual thesis show is an important cycle that is thankfully not affected by such mechanical bonds.

LIS Theses: University of the Punjab

While talking to the artist, her demeanor also projects this brazen passive approach which her work instills. Being a student at National College of Arts, the institute is literally connected to Punjab University by simply crossing the road. She uses the recurring motif of a goldfish in her painted living spaces to represent memories entrenched deeply.

Categorized at the bottom of the education system, Art for obvious reasons must not be taken too lightly. Her aesthetic sense while playing with history and effects of modernisation is quite a treat for the spectator. Upon reaching the end of the line, you come across the untitled installation by Ume Laila.

The hanging of clothes on a door that one would often ignore becomes a haunting reminder of what was and is no more. It almost seems to be questioning reality, what can be defined as the line between real and illusion.

It hardly comes as a surprise that both universities have slowly traversed into prison surrogacies. There is an open cupboard spewing out clothes onto the floor, although the reflection of which is missing in the mirror. It is highly debatable if perfection is even a tangible thing, at least for mere mortals.

At first it seems to be a woman viewing herself in a mirror with the reflection of a living room at the back.

It consists of painted pieces that are hung together to create a collective image that can only be viewed at a certain distance.Book Book fair Book Reading Books Dr. Nasim Fatima India Information Information Science Islamabad Karachi koha Lahore Librarianship Library Library & Information Science Library Science Literature Magazine National Book Foundation NBF Pakistan Poetry Punjab Punjab University Quarterly Qur'an Sada-e-Librarian Training Urdu.

Get full details about PhD Public Health at Punjab University PU Lahore. The realm of the tight knit art community of Lahore is progressively welcoming upcoming artists into its midst.

Thesis shows act as the final rite. PU board approves PhD thesis topics. Lahore, Feb 14, The Punjab University's Advance Studies and Research Board (AS&RB) Wednesday approved research thesis topics of PhD scholars of various departments and institutes of the varsity.

Punjab University College of Art and Design (PUCAD) theses. PUCAD students display theses Lahore, June 21, About 31 master's students of the Punjab University College of Art and Design (PUCAD) displayed their theses at the department, said a PU press release on Friday.

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And Clause 24 (b), Admission RegulationsPage (8) Admission criteria: Basic.

Punjab university lahore thesis
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