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This is because, the judges and lawyers to not have the right skills and the fate of one youth brought in for trial is judged from the size of the file backing the case. So to speak, he had been brought up in an environment that made him more of a criminal than heal him from the abuse.

His experiences there inspired the book School of Dreams. From this point, it seems that if rehabilitation facilities were available, he would change and reform.

No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of Juvenile Court Summary & Study Guide

However, Dorn resists this policy, instead de facto bringing back "status offenses" which allows him to remove high-risk children from their homes and put them into delinquent camps, juvenile detention facilities and group homes. She seems to be not afraid of anything and she is imprisoned for the murder.

At age 13 he was a criminal and was given a probation of which he was taken back to the drug addicted guardians. What is more striking about the book is not merely the difficult lives and troubles of the seven no matter how loud i shout essay help that Humes tracks but the terrible combination of institutional failure and neglect and public overreaction that makes nothing better for public safety, for victims and for perpetrators.

She represents a harsher perspective, seeking to get justice for victims and often believing that certain children are irredeemable. If he was helped and given the right rehabilitative services, he would have transformed.

The reader is introduced to the story of Ronald Duncan ailing from a middle class home. Last of the five children of main focus, is the gangbanger who finds rescue in the eyes of an impeded girl.

He reflects on his experiences in the mids with seven juvenile inmates. On this basis, he is able bring out a vivid picture of how the juvenile system looks like and how it works. The failure of the system has been attributed to the fact its failure to address the problems earlier more to save the children.

Principally, he unfolds the story of the 15 year old killer that the system cannot kill. In fact in his written letters he exposes the fact that his father prostituted all the day From this background information and the fact that he did not fire his gun, Geri was subjected to an adult treatment as he has already turned Although he was determined to reform, his shouting proved to be an exercise in futility.

It is from this point of view that the main points of the author will be brought into light followed by an examination of the relevance of the main points. On another point of note, Humes testifies of George who at the age of five was rescued from his abusive mother and instead given to drug addicts as guardians.

No Matter How Loud I Shout Summary

The failure Humes calls attention to is in the system— in the detention center, the court system, and the public sphere.

From a broader point of view, the system has been exposed as to be carrying out the opposites of what should be done in reality. Though caring, loving and courageous, she is the same girl who shoots a gun unremorsefully.

He engaged in the robbery as an influence of his friends and this is evident in what he accounts for by writing just before he was transferred to an adult prison. This is ridiculous and it is the level of unfairness that the author has pointed out in the work.

Beckstrand, the deputy DA, sides with the victims. The book also occurs against the backdrop of a widely publicized study that showed that the juvenile justice system seems to have been wholly ineffectively.

Again, the author explores a story of an honor student who drives by shooting. Another conflict arises from the differences of opinion between Peggy Beckstrand and Sister Janet. He is remorseful and thinks that God created him to commit crimes.

Copyright Super Summary. So to articulate, the reason that made Geri to be caught was that he took a crime partner to hospital. Secondly, the story of a boy imprisoned for a murder he did not commit is explored with a gripping tone. He also taught at Chapman University and at the University of Oregon.

He has also managed to expose the inability of the system to check the most basic information about a juvenile charge.No Matter How Loud I Shout, written by Pulitzer-Prize winner Edward Humes, concerns the state of the juvenile justice system in the United States, specifically in LA County, in the mids.

Humes served as a counselor and writing teacher for a number of juvenile delinquents, seven of whom he. No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of Juvenile Court [Edward Humes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A journalist's profile of a juvenile court and its judges, lawyers, probation officers, and children focuses on five specific troubled minors and reveals the system's impact on their lives and their prospects.

/5(58). The book, No Matter How Loud I Shout, takes an in-depth look at the juvenile court system in the state of California in the s.

Through a colorful narrative story the author, Edward Humes, paints of vivid picture of the how dysfunctional the system truly was. No Matter How Loud I Shout Quotes (showing of 10) “we are waiting and waiting and doing nothing, until it is too late, and they commit crimes so serious that all society wants to.

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A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Humes dedicated a year of his life researching California’s juvenile justice system His book, “No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of Juvenile Court” is inspired from this experience.

No matter how loud i shout essay help
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