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Hazra had actually been leading a procession that included more than six thousand supporters, among which most of them were actually women. Their names may have been lost in many of the history textbooks, but their die-hard contribution makes each and every Indian feel proud of them.

She can be credited with arming thousands of women across the country with the knowledge to tackle breast cancer. At the age of 12, he was selected in the state level tournament, which was when his cricketing talent was noticed for the first time.

As the on-call doctor hesitated to amputate his wounded leg, Major Cardozo took matters into his own hands and literally chopped his own leg off.

Soon when he was imprisoned due to the popular Alipore Bomb Case, Ghosh started inclining towards spirituality; soon after which he quit politics.

Since then Venkatraman decided to start serving lunch for just one rupee, which he has been doing for five years now.

10 Real life Indian Heroes and their unsung stories

Major General Essay on unsung heroes of india Cardozo - Cut his leg off and ordered to bury it A hero of the war, the then Major Cardozo was making his way through a minefield to aid a wounded soldier when he stepped on a landmine that blew his leg off. But orders are orders and a few months later, Manekshaw led the attack to capture ports in Karachi and Lahore, and this later came to be known as the Indo-Pak war of In the Commonwealth Boxing Championships in March our boxers picked up 6 gold medals, and there are three guys in the frame to do us proud this time.

Soon after getting released from jail, Aruna focussed on socialism since she was also influenced quite a lot by the principles and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. A medal may be difficult at her age, but you never know.

So, if you know any then you can let us know in the comments below. Babar Ali is one among those Indian heroes who are working expecting nothing in return.

Ananya Panigrahi Swimming — She is not old enough to drive a car or even had her sweet 16th birthday for that matter, but this 14 year old will be the youngest athlete representing India in this years games. Watching her family being attacked by the militants, Rukhsana emerged from the hiding place with an axe and hit the LeT commander on his head.

All of 13, Purna had the support of veteran mountain climber Bachendri Pal. Feb 11, at The doctors had to amputate her legs to save her life. With the help of Barin, Ghosh was able to get connected with some of the revolutionaries in Bengal, thus inspiring some radicals like Surendranath Tagore and Bagha Jatin.

Sharath Kamal Table Tennis — The Commonwealth Games gold medal winner seems to be in a good position to bring home another gold.

Bollywood tried to emulate his story in the film LOC Kargil, but it failed to do justice to the legend of Captain Batra and his compatriots. The police had actually imposed a ban in some of the areas and had strictly warned that people would be shot if they opposed or violated their orders.

Most surprisingly is the fact that Hazra had carried on this procession when she was already 73 years old, thus showing that age is a mere number when it comes to having nationalist feelings. She was so active in the movement that the British Indian police had to shoot her.

Unsung Heroes

But she was far from finished. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Undoubtedly names like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lala Lajpat Rai and Bhagat Singh are quite a lot common among the masses; but at the same time there are still many other names as well which are in an oblivious state.

Ritu Biyani - Fought cancer, traveled across the country to spread awareness Dr Ritu Biyani Joseph had her own bout with breast cancer only to overcome it in She would go on to climb many other tall peaks around the world and continue to make her country proud.

Here are a few more that you may not know. Racism, as a subject, continues to haunt people of colour in the west and Pardeep unfortunately found himself at the receiving end of it from the Canadian boxing authorities.

His famous last words were "Jai Mata Di". When Prakasam came up with such an act of defiance, the police had to give way to him as well as to the other supporters. Sohaila not only overcame the incident but also went on to become an author, penning two books in the process.

But this did not stop her from climbing extremely dangerous terrains to save thousands of stranded pilgrims and locals. She counted them all.

Top of the pile is superstar and crowd favorite Vijender Singh Beijing bronze medal-winnerfollowed by Jai Bhagwan and Akhil Kumar, the Commonwealth Gold winner and infamously, the athlete whose bed collapsed at the CWG village.

Media coverage has made Irom Sharmila the face of tolerance and courage, one that continues to suffer as we speak. We all know Saina Nehwal and Lee-Hesh.An Unsung Hero in the Story of America's Independence Words | 5 Pages.

An Unsung Hero in the Story of America’s Independence Thomas Paine was a political philosopher, a solider, an abolitionist, and one of the most significant supporters of the American war for independence. The book Unsung Heroes seeks to provide you with insights into the lives of and contributions made by such great leaders.

Volume 1 features Mahatma Jotirao Phule, Lal Bahadur Shastri (former Indian Prime Minister), Sarojini Naidu, Bal Gangadhar Kher, Maulana Azad and Captain Lakshmi. Aug 21,  · This "Ice Man of India" has created 10 glaciers in Ladakh to help deal with water scarcity in the region.

15 Unsung Indian Heroes Who Deserve A Movie Based On Their Lives

A civil engineer by profession, Chewang Norphel in was given the task to build schools, canals, roads, bridges, etc. in a remote district of Ladakh. 7. Anandibai Joshi - First woman doctor from India. Born in and married off at the age of 9, Anandibai Joshi overcame repression and stigma at a time when women's education was deemed irrelevant by the patriarchal society.

"Essay About My Unsung Hero" Essays and Research Papers Essay About My Unsung Hero Amy Smith Professor ashton EDEL February 26, Unsung Heroes A hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Unsung Heroes of India - Here are the people who have brought significant impact to our lives.

Essay on unsung heroes of india
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