Employee benefits should mirror the needs of the employees

Hospital room charges in excess of the standard rate to cover semi-private or private accommodation Hospital charges for emergency treatment outside Canada Drugs, medication and vaccines and other supplies available only by prescription Professional services of a physician for out-of-country medical expenses Professional services for private duty nursing Charges for special medical appliances such as crutches, artificial limbs or wheelchairs Non-emergency ambulance services Dental treatments not requiring hospitalization.

Compensation & Benefits

An employer cannot afford not to offer employee benefits coverage. Private healthcare plans are restricted by legislation to expenses not fully covered by government programs. The upside is that it provides businesses with flexibility and they can avoid offering costly benefits.

When it comes to the workplace, this translates into money. In recent studies, the following were identified as key factors: Employers should help employees feel physically safe by taking sexual harassment and threats seriously and by having policies in place to deal with potential violence.

RRSPs can provide ways to save money for retirement and defer and reduce taxes because: Can you offer some advice on what small businesses should avoid when offering benefits? Professional services provided by licensed paramedicals, such as psychologists, massage therapists, speech therapists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, or naturopaths.

This provides coverage in the event that a plan administrator makes an error in administering the plan forgetting to inform the insurance company of a salary change, for example.

Therefore, most employers elect to design the plan in such a way as to minimize the cost to employees of basic coverage. Dealing with the stress of a major life change even a positive onesuch as having or adopting a child, getting married, moving or buying a home, or getting a promotion.

By taking coverage, they are considered to be plan members. Next to salary, employee benefits coverage is the most important tool in attracting and retaining key staff. Offering a competitive salary combined with benefits and perks can be a winning combination, fostering improved work habits and reducing employee turnover.

Explore some popular benefits that can be simple to implement and manage. Employers must withhold Medicare tax at 1. Group critical illness an employee diagnosed with one of the listed medical conditions receives a lump sum, regardless of ability or inability to work. What are the challenges of offering benefits to employees of these companies?

The Hierarchy of Needs for Employees

What will the charges be per hour of service per individual? Of course, it is important to ensure it aligns with organizational strategic objectives. This leads to an increasing number of employees not feeling able to retire.

Why you need benefits for your employees

How is client satisfaction to be assessed? A good experience allows people to compare options, submit and check claims, and review, update or confirm coverage.

A few things to keep in mind when offering benefits: Receiving effective and realistic feedback, both positive and constructive, increased a continuous learning environment and increases commitment to the organization because performance, both good and bad, is recognized.

At the very least, make sure they are on your plan taking the life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage and, if applicable, long-term disability coverage. Employee assistance programs typical cost: Self-esteem is how much the employee likes and values himself.When employees have the ability to pick and customize benefits according to their needs, it may encourage participation in benefits plans.

This can provide employers and employees with a better return on their benefits investment. Why you need benefits for your employees. Mark Evans. Special to The Globe and Mail Make sure anyone leaving an employee benefits plan is advised of their right to convert their benefits.

A proposal Thursday by Republican gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman to cut the ranks of state employees, privatize state services and force employees and retirees to accept smaller pensions is the latest sign of the Connecticut Republican Party's comfort in engaging public-sector unions in open warfare.

An employee benefits package includes all the non-wage benefits, like insurance and paid time off, provided by an employer. There are some types of employee benefits that are mandated by law, including minimum wage, overtime, leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, and workers compensation and disability.

The Importance of Employee Benefits

While every job should include some degree of latitude, every job needs basic expectations regarding the way specific situations should be handled. Criticize an employee for expediting shipping today, even though last week that was the standard procedure if on-time delivery was in jeopardy, and you lose that employee.

Employers also should give more attention to assessing the value that employees place on their benefits, by using web-based benefits tools and employee surveys, for instance.

Employee benefits should mirror the needs of the employees
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