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There are several plausible situations in which a tie could occur this year.

The populace clearly wanted John Adams as president, but the Electoral College Electoral college essay question otherwise. The arcane rules governing the Electoral College have the potential to create havoc if things go wrong. The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to Bush and Al Gore: But it also gave us Lincoln and Reagan.

The political concerns of Cuban-Americans, who are concentrated in the swing state of Florida, are of enormous interest to the candidates. By winning so many small states, he gained a clear Electoral College advantage. The United States has always been a big country, even in when its population was small, and regional differences have always had ideological and temperamental effects.

Electors are not required to vote for the candidates they are pledged to, and if the vote is close in the Electoral College, a losing candidate might well be able to persuade a small number of electors to switch sides.

Each expression is slightly different. In short, the middle and lower classes are not part of the triangle which only leaves room for the will of elitists. Many have complained that smaller states are misrepresented because of the unfair ratio of representatives to population count.

Having a chosen committee to choose the president efficient but many rules in the electoral institution need revising which outweigh the pros.

These states are just as misrepresented as well as smaller states because of the concept of winner-take-all with each state.

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Yet this time the Electoral College apparently did not fall into line. This election has been making clear how the Electoral College distorts presidential campaigns.

In a national popular vote, any fraudulent vote anywhere could tip the scales. In a free market economy, the flow of goods and services is vital to the stability of the nation and the electors had the education and knowledge to choose the best candidate whether supported by the popular vote or not.

This left them vulnerable to a candidate with empty promises or one with a terrible policy and no economic intelligence. Because there are an even number of electors - one for every senator and House member of the states, and three for the District of Columbia - the Electoral College vote can end in a tie.

And so in New York, one electoral vote representspeople, while in South Dakota it representsIn my frustrated attempt of Janusian thinking I come to a justified conclusion: California has 55 electoral votes; if candidate A gets 27 votes and Candidate B gets 26, candidate A gets all those votes in California.

The next con at hand is the plight of misrepresented or underrepresented states. The emphasis on swing states removes the incentive for a large part of the population to follow the campaign, or even to vote.

And that seemingly small addition has a surprisingly powerful effect. The majority does not rule and every vote is not equal - those are reasons enough for scrapping the system.

Bush generally did well in states with small populations, winning 19 of the 26 states that have fewer than 10 electoral votes each.

An even more important reason for keeping the Electoral College is to avoid massive vote fraud. When the Electoral College was formed, the majority of society was uneducated.

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It gave us James Buchanan, and may well give us Al Gore. The people were also misrepresented in, and But there are other consequences as well.

Every time the Electoral College comes up for discussion, so do proposals to abolish it in favor of a direct popular vote. States with large populations do get more electoral votes, of course, than those that have relatively few people.

Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. There have been several elections in which the Electoral College chose the candidate with the minority of the popular vote. The interests of people from Puerto Rico scarcely come up at all, since they are mainly settled in areas already conceded as Kerry territory.

Those who are for the college agree that the process keeps the white house safe from bias.POLS- Persuasive Essay- Electoral College. What should be done with the Electoral College—keep it, reform it, or replace it with Electoral College was originally designed in order to narrow the choices of candidates A question often brought up is why the writers of the constitution did not just elect to.

Question 1 The Electoral College in the US is a system that is used to select the President of the nation for the next four years.

It is also responsible for electing the Vice President to accompany the Presidency for four years (Grant, ). The Electoral College essay. Anonymous.

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use the documents provided as resources for a short persuasive essay responding to the focus question: Is the Electoral College a fair method of selecting the president?

This is due to an antiquated system called the electoral college. The electoral college (EC) was founded in We will write a custom essay sample on Electoral college specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now The question is what do we do about these problems? The answer is simple, we change the EC. (civic values.

Why Elections Are Bad for Democracy Essay. A. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. This is the question that ties in to the main question on whether elections are right for democracy.

the popular vote and the Electoral College. The two categories are very different in context. The Electoral College is a.

Electoral College essays The Electoral College is a method of indirectly selecting the President of the United States. It provided for a check on direct election by the people if they were to make a mistake.

It is part of the elite theory of making sure that direct election did not select a poor can.

Electoral college essay question
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