Discuss the effects of the environment in physiological processes essay

It is crucial that you know what the examiners are looking for so that you can write exactly what is needed for top marks! The study is an example of a quasi or natural experiment because the researchers are comparing the data of taxi drivers and non-taxi drivers.

A different command term requires a different style of essay, so you need to tailor what you write to the question. A supporting study for mirror neurons is Simon et al. Caffeine, drugs, diet, sleep etc. Mirror neurons are special neurons which may play a vital role in the ability to learn as well as empathize with another person.

Two Effects of the Environment on Physiological Processes

Practicing watching balls move and learning to move in response has strengthened the neural connections in brain areas responsible for the activity. Correlational studies as such cannot establish definite cause and effect relationship. The heavier and bigger cortex indicate more dendritic branching, enriched environment does seem to have a positive effect on the ability to think and to learn.

Another study that purposes that brain plasticity can be affected by an enriching environment is the case of Genie as describe by Curtis Evaluating means talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the study as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the level of analysis as a whole with reference to the question e.

The first main findings of the research were that the posterior hippocampi of taxi drivers were significantly larger relative to those of control subjects and that the anterior hippocampal region was larger in control subjects than in taxi drivers.

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You have 2 detailed studies here to use, but you should also look to find triangulating evidence using other experimental methods or from other areas of the syllabus EVALUATE!

Light received by the optical nerve in the eye causes a signal to be sent to the Suprachiasmatic Supra-chias-matic Nucleus SCN. He mentioned that as more and more cortisol is secreted, the stress response will be prolonged as well and eventually the hippocampus will deteriorate and decrease in size.

Dendritic branching refers to the brain activity where new pathways are made between two neurons. This adds to the claim that stressing environment may cause harm in the physiological processes of humans. What evidence can you find which does not support the critical period hypothesis?

The size of hippocampus may decrease. Connection of study to question This study showed the effect of the environment on physiology because more enriched environments helped develop neurons in brains of the rats.The first effect of environment on physiological processes that will be discussed is brain plasticity.

We will write a custom essay sample on Two Effects of the Environment on Physiological Processes. Long essay question: Discuss two effects of the environment on physiological processes With the pass of the years, humans have been the biggest challenge for scientists and investigators due to the constant change of information and its complexity.

Objective *Discuss two effects of the environment on physiological processes. *section B essay question - PowerPoint PPT Presentation.

How The Environment Can Affect One Physiological Process Essay Sample

" Discuss two effects of the environment on physiological processes" You will need to plan an essay which will be about sides of A4 long, including a detailed focus on the command term. The marking criteria are below. ALWAYS refer to these before you begin to plan your essay. In conclusion the two discussed effects of the environment on physiological processes are: Enrichment on brain plasticity; Observation of experienced actions on the activation of mirror neurons ; Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize neural pathways (physiology) based on new experiences (environment).

OR ALTERNATIVELY Paragraph 2 and 3 – Explain Maguire’s study (AMFE) and link to q. Explain how case study of Genie shows effect of alternate environment. Offer a considered and balanced review of how the environment effects physiological processes.

Paragraph 5 – Conclusion.

Discuss the effects of the environment in physiological processes essay
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