Business reporter joan donager

Rays from a mysterious meteor kill one man and infect his teenage son with a mutating werewolf-like malady. The scene unfolds in Santo Bello High School where a tough-talking, smart aleck is leader of the hot rod set and much admired by his well-meaning but naive girlfriend.

Dunn, Bryan Grant [i. A paleontology professor acquires a newly discovered specimen of a prehistoric fish. Johnny, a wild teenager with plenty of dangerous attitude, plays a deadly game of "chicken" with a police officer.

Will she live fast and die young? Pearson], Tom Lockyear [i. Tough-as-nails gang leader, Johnny, is unfazed by the incident, and manages to keep a protective eye on his friend Dave.

Based on the novel by Sloan Wilson. Main Gardner Stacks PN Meanwhile, beach parties, drag races and booze all mix for a formula that spells big trouble for Johnny and his band of troublemakers. Based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout.

Wayne State University Press, c On the sunny beaches of Ft. Two sisters live in a dysfunctional family in a California town.

UC users only Stenger, Josh. Sugar, spice, and everything nice: One of the last films of legendary special effects make-up artist, Jack Pierce, who created the original Boris Karloff make-up in Frankenstein and The Mummy.

Johnny, Molly and their parents discover that love will find a way. The undercover cop Frank is of mixed black American and Mexican parentage, which means no gang is going to easily accept him while his partner Don is an Anglo cop.

Black, Anglo and Hispanic high-school gangs duke it out in this story about two undercover cops who infiltrate the gangs to stop narcotics trafficking.

A rare fusion of the Old West, gothic horror and science fiction.Children and Teens Videotapes in the Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley.

Business reporter joan donager
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