Are these actual miles

And then he scored a date with her. When Toni calls, she announces that she was successful but that she is with the sales manager in a restaurant, half-way through their dinner, and that she has to go. Leo himself has to have been a philanderer. The reader is aware that Leo and Toni are selling the car before it can be repossessed by the courts.

He brought a woman to the house when Toni was away and he was caught with her by their neighbour Ernest Williams.

Toni confronts her ill-will toward Leo who presumably got them into the situationand the car salesman becomes an escape from her life for the night.

Sometimes a third clean glass.


The first glass becomes entirely smudged with fingerprints, every square centimeter as if it were frosted glass. And all that was immediate, within the first half dozen sentences. Leo undresses her and examines the check for the car in her purse. They at first did not know what to do with the money but then they started spending incredibly.

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please

She knows the ropes and knows that a dinner and a drink are a part of the deal. Her cosmetology preparations were over the top in the context of the her stated objective. Then she collapses on the bed and falls asleep. Leo waits for his wife to call and tell him how things are going.

She returned to her job when the children went to school and she started to earn a lot. Neither Leo nor Toni are prepared to be honest with the judge and the reader suspects neither are they prepared to be honest with themselves.

It shows a society in which money are valued more than morality: As the reader reads the story a little further it becomes clear that Leo and Toni are living beyond their means and Toni in particular seems to be unable to curb her spending.

Summary Leo, Toni, and their children are an ordinary American family living in a suburban house. Toni is a smart woman and an excellent seller. Also she was sober when she called Leo but arrives home drunk.

It shows consumerism as a mad obsession: Analysis The story portrays a thoroughly materialist family and the pitfalls brought upon it by their consumerist way of life.

Carver is a minimalist and condenses a lot of meeting into short, percussive sentences.

Are These Actual Miles by Raymond Carver

Other folks never have to change glasses because their glass sits on the table most of the time. He drinks heavily throughout the evening. Now the couple is bankrupt.

Cite Post McManus, Dermot. The discomforting atmosphere of the story is relieved also by slight strokes of black humour, as when Leo considers committing suicide or biting off the rim of a glass.

The latter must be sold immediately for cash, sooner than some of their creditors puts a lien on it. In essence Carver may be suggesting that how Toni and Leo appear financially to the judge is significant. He considers hanging himself because bankruptcy is associated to him with suicides.

He runs to the man but when he sees neighbour Williams at the window, he does not do anything. Leo falls apart at home alone, drinking scotch and whiskey, and realizes how vulnerable he is to the possibility that Toni will abandon him for something better.

One little touch that I loved. Toni returns near dawn. Such is his concern that he, while undressing Toni, checks her underwear.

It would also seem that Leo is putting all his faith in the outcome of the court hearing on Monday. He hears a car coming and sees a man getting out and putting something on their steps. Toni is naturally the one who will go to sell the car.

The man asks him whether these are actual miles but Leo does not say anything. Raymond Carver knows his alcoholics.[an analysis by Jacob Harn] In Raymond Carver’s “Are These Actual Miles” a middle-aged man and woman, who are in some sort of a domestic partnership, struggle to reconcile their decaying personal lives as they navigate bankruptcy.

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Carver, Raymond.

Oct 04,  · The story we are reading by Carver is "Are These Actual Miles?" It is in our anthology, The Art of the Story on page The following is a very short biography of Carver from infoplease. Check out Are These Actual Miles? by Mr Bones and the Dreamers on Amazon Music.

Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on In Are These Actual Miles by Raymond Carver we have the theme of appearance, infidelity, trust, consumerism, honesty and materialism. Taken from his Will.

‘Are These Actual Miles?’ by Raymond Carver

Are These Actual Miles? by Raymond Carver, The magic trick: Using the neighbor character to create context and perspective for the reader’s view of Leo Certainly I’m in the minority, but I don’t care much for this story.

It’s thin verging on skeletal. The plot is melodramatic yet oddly miniscule; the characters barely exist.

Are these actual miles
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