Ant copy directory overwrite a file

The above example is performing such a reset in its doLast action.

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You could also tell the javadoc task to include the author and version information using the respective attributes. The copy task, as the name suggests, is used to copy files from one location to another.

Specifying a set of files build. Also, see the API documentation for fileTree to see what types you can pass as the base directory. Destination path is specified using the destdir folder e.

Let us add a documentation target to our Fax application project. Its parameters provide the ability to overwrite existing files, rename the file, show the progress of the operation, and allow the user to cancel the operation. The case-sensitive filter is applied to the fileset which means a file with the name Samplestub.

[Ant-user] Copy task not to overwrite but rename the file as _1 _2 etc..

The following example demonstrates how to use the basic method and, in addition, how to filter the files and directories using Ant-style patterns: A file in the target folder with the same name is in use IOException.

Ant - Creating JAR files The next logical step after compiling your java source files, is to build the java archive, i. It is not clear, though, what you mean by "multiple folders". Those methods follow the convention of appending to collections of values rather than replacing them. Get-Member commandlet will help you to discover hidden gems like.

[Ant-user] Problem using with filterset

Ant exposes these configuration options via the javadoc task. We supply the source folder and the classpath to the javac task and ask it to drop the class files in the build folder.

The following code examples demonstrate how to use CopyFile. To copy a text file to another folder Use the CopyFile method to copy a file, specifying a source file and the target directory.

As shown in the above example, the build. Groovy has access to the normal ANT tasks.Copydir Deprecated. This task has been the Copy task instead.

Description. Copies a directory tree from the source to the destination. It is possible to refine the set of files. Copy a single file to all sub directories under a certain directory using Ant Script: The following example uses the groovy ANT task. Example ├── ├── lib │ └── groovy-alljar ├── src │ └── └── target └── DirectoryA ├── ├── SubdirectoryAA │ └── └── SubdirectoryAB.

COPY_ATTRIBUTES – Copies the file attributes associated with the file to the target file. The exact file attributes supported are file system and platform dependent, but last-modified-time is supported across platforms and is copied to the target file.

Ant's copy task's overwrite attribute states: "Overwrite existing files even if the destination files are newer." So setting it to false only prevents them from being overwritten if they are newer, but if the original files are newer, they overwrite no matter what.

Ant is an excellent tool for creating build scripts. Ant has these characteristics: it's cross-platform, and implemented in Java; it's fairly easy to learn and use; it uses an XML file to define the steps of a build. In other words, you can use a file tree wherever a file collection is required, but remember: a file collection is a flat list/set of files, while a file tree is a file and directory hierarchy.

To convert a file tree to a flat collection, use the billsimas.comes() property.

Ant copy directory overwrite a file
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