1 how do you think the members of the hershey trust company board view their responsibility

Katzman is a retired partner of Goldman Sachs, with extensive experience in investment banking. In the long term?

Board of Directors

A native of Pennsylvania, she has exceptional leadership and management experience in complex organizations operating in a highly regulated environment. Through her work in Title I schools and with AMIKids, she has extensive experience with children from low-income families, as well as children who attend residential educational programs.

Securities and Exchange Commission. Maria Trinh Kraus Appointed: How would such diversification have served the Hershey School 10 years ago, for example? She is also a trained social worker with a real understanding of the issues and challenges facing children in need and their families.

She is a graduate of Lafayette College and completed masters-level course work in business and social work at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University.

Assume that you are a member of the Hershey Trust board. Assuming a majority of the board takes your side of the vote, how do you think the financial markets will react to this decision?

Heist is the owner of R. How do other community members view the responsibility of the trust board? Peeples-Fullmore is an education professional, who has worked as a teacher and administrator in public schools, and in residential environment facilities.

Why do you think the changes occurred? Katzman graduated with an A. Bergen has served on numerous community, philanthropic and healthcare related boards, giving her extensive experience in how boards work and how to effectively and efficiently guide a nonprofit institution.

Why or why not?

Hershey Trust Company

Is diversification a valid reason to sell HFC? How does the legacy of Milton S. Can you think of other communities threatened by economic growth and other changes? Director ; Chairman Highlights: Brown has extensive experience in the education field as an adjunct professor at Villanova University, a Trustee for the Gesu School a Catholic grade school in North Philadelphiaa Founding Trustee of the Young Scholars Charter School a North Philadelphia school with an economically disadvantaged student bodyand a Trustee for Immaculata University.

If you decided to reject both bids and not sell HFC, what will you do to achieve the diversification objective? Based on your valuation of HFC, do you feel it was fairly valued by the market before the announcement of the sale? To whom or what do you owe your fiduciary responsibility?

Is your decision primarily based on the economics of the bids or on the desire to honor the legacy of Milton S. See case Exhibits 5and6. If the bids are economically attractive, would you vote to accept either one of them?

Is Hershey, Pennsylvania truly a unique place?constituents, including the Hershey community, HFC employees, and Pennsylvania’s attorney general. Questions for Assignment 1. Assume that you are a member of the Hershey Trust board%(2). 1 Answer to Two-Class Design (this case will be discussed over two classes, please come prepared to have a open and active debate) Study questions for class 1 How do you think the members of the Hershey Trust Company board view their responsibility?

School Trust, The M.S.

Hershey Foundation Trust and the Hershey Cemetery Trust. Members of the Hershey Trust Company Board of Directors also serve as unpaid members of the Milton Hershey School Board of Managers.

One of three representatives of Hershey Trust Company and Milton Hershey School being nominated to serve on the Board, Mr. Katzman will provide the Board with valuable perspectives of our largest stockholder and the school that is its sole beneficiary.

How do other community members view the responsibility of the trust board? The Hershey Trust Company viewed their responsibility to be with the school which was to be run in perpetuitity. The trust felt that the lack of diversification and investment into one in industry was too risky.

The board of the $12 billion charitable trust that controls Hershey Co. will meet this week to discuss appointing new members, a spokesman for the trust’s board said, as it embarks on its.

1 how do you think the members of the hershey trust company board view their responsibility
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